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What is Tearjerkers & Who are We?

We are a Camping Group of Teardrop & small Travel Trailer Owners.
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What is Tearjerkers & Who are We?

Postby Todd » Sat Dec 01, 2007 12:58 pm

TEAR JERKERS was formed in late 1997 by Todd Brunengraber with assistance from Grant and Lisa Whipp of Tales & Trails/Teardrop Times. Our group encourages and supports membership in TEARDROP TIMES, the international fellowship of Teardrop Trailers. Our members include owners, home builders, manufacturers, restorers, parts suppliers and creative craftsmen that build their own from scratch. We enjoy not only our small vintage trailers but also, vintage vehicles to tow them with. TEAR JERKERS started out on the East Coast of the U.S. but, has expanded to include members from Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Canada, and The Netherlands.

TEAR JERKERS is an informal group of people who share their love of Teardrop and small Travel Trailers through discussions & Gatherings. "If you enjoy the great outdoors and fellowship with others, our campsite will always be open." One does not have to be a member to attend our Gatherings.

Let us make no mistake, TearJerkers does "Group Camping". Our gatherings are Social Events with lots of interaction and activities.

Remember: ALL are Welcome.

If Camping in Solitude is what your looking for, Maybe a TearJerkers Gathering is not for you.

Our Chapters around the Globe include:

United States

Arizona Chapter
Bluegrass Chapter
Buckeye Chapter
Chesapeke Bay Chapter
Florida Chapter
Garden State Chapter
Georgia Chapter
Great Basin Chapter
Great Lakes Chapter
Heart of America Chapter
Hoosier State Chapter
Jefferson State Chapter
Land of Lincoln Chapter
Liberty Bell Chapter
Louisiana Chapter
Magnolia Chapter
Mountaineers of West Virginia
Nevada Chapter
New England Chapter
New York Chapter
NorCal Chapter
Old Dominion Chapter
Pacific Northwest Chapter
Rocky Mountain Chapter
SoCal Chapter
Southern Appalachian Chapter
St. Croix Chapter
Sweet Tear Alabama



Great Britain

United Kingdom

If you are interested in becoming a member of our group, are planning to buy, restore, or build your own teardrop trailer; we can be an excellent resource for locating suppliers, retailers, or just information on how to do build it right. We have an online forum TEARJERKERS.NET where we pool our resources, share pictures and co-ordinate gatherings around the country.

Contact: Todd Brunengraber TearJerkers@gmail.com and http://www.TearJerkers.net

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